An elderly woman walked into her Vet's office carrying a parrot. She said that her parrot was very sick and needed to be seen right away. The aide showed her to an exam room and told her that the Vet would be right in. When the Vet came in he took one look at the parrot and told the woman that the parrot looked dead.

She said that it was impossible. "Aren't you going to examine him first." So the Vet took the parrot and laid him on his back on the table. He said, "You're parrot is dead." She replied that she wanted him to do a thorough exam.

The Vet left the room and carried in a cat. He placed the cat on the table next to the parrot. The cat walked up to the feet and sniffed. Then he walked to the head and sniffed again. He finally walked to the other wing, sniffed and jumped off the table and left the room.

The Vet said "Well your parrot is dead. Please go out front and our secretary will tell you the charges." The woman walked out to the desk and asked for a bill. The secretary said that it was $450.00. The woman said "$450 for what!" The secretary replied, "$50 for the office visit, exam and pronouncing the parrot dead -- $400.00 for the cat scan."

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