A Texas oil tycoon gets in a cab in Toronto and asks the cabby for a quick tour of the city.

Driving along the tycoon asks, "What is that big clump of buildings over to our left boy?"

"Why, sir" responds the cabby, "That's the Royal Canadian Exhibition, the largest exhibition in Canada. It cost 100 million and took one year to build."

The tycoon takes out a cigar lights it and says, "Why hell boy in Texas we would have built that thing in just three months...three months!"

A little further on the tycoon asks, "Hey boy, what is that dome looking thing over there to the right?"

"Why, sir" responds the cabby, "That would be Sky Dome, a showcase for sports events and such. It cost 500 million dollars and took 3 years to complete."

"Hmmmm" says the Texan chewing on his cigar", One year for that one....just one year if we built it in Texas!"

As they drive still farther, the Texan begins craning his neck looking more and more up through the passenger window... up ..up ....up and finally says" Boy, what is that huge space needle looking thing up there...damn that is the biggest thing I've ever seen!"

The Cabby looks out the window shakes his head and says, "Gee...darned if I know sir.......it wasn't there yesterday."

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