Two elderly ladies, visiting the big city for the first time, came back to their hotel room completely exhausted, after a day of shopping. They had freshened up and were about to go to the dining room when Martha remarked:

"You know, Melindie, on television the city folks always seem to have a drink before eating. How about it?"

"Great idea," replied Melindie, "But I don't know anything about drinks."

"Neither do I," admitted Martha, "But I did hear about a drink called 'Stinger'."

"Sounds exciting," gushed Melindie, who went to the phone and called room service for two Stingers. The man who answered told them he did not know how soon he could send them up. Could they wait? Were they sure they two of them? Melindie said something about the poor service, and added very loudly:

"Why can't we get two Stingers right away?"

"Good Lord," said the voice, "I thought you said 'two singers.'"

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