Two housewives were sitting on the porch of a giant mansion talking to each other.

The first one said, "For my first anniversary, my husband gave me this 1/2 carat diamond ring."

"That's real nice", said the second lady.

"For my second, he gave me that Ferrari parked over there", said the first one.

"That's real nice", answered the second lady.

"And for my third anniversary, he gave this mansion", said the first lady.

"That's real nice", said the second lady.

"So, what do you get for your anniversary?", asked the first lady.

"Well, my husband sent me to a manner school on my first anniversary", answered the second lady.

"Why did he sent you to a manner school?", the first one asked.

The second replied, "Well, I used to say 'who gives a shit', now I say 'that's real nice'."

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