After being killed in a tragic auto accident, Fathers Tom and Mike were met at Heaven's gate by St. Peter. St. Peter walked up to them and said, "Hello, Fathers. Since both of you have been such devoted servants, for a short time only, you may return to Earth in any form of your choosing.

St. Peter turned to Father Tom and asked, "What form would you like, Father Tom?" "I have always wanted to soar like an eagle above the mountains in the bright sunlight," replied Father Tom. "It is done," said St Peter, and Father Tom found himself soaring above the mountains.

St. Peter then turned to Father Mike and asked, "What would you like to return as, Father Mike?" Father Mike hesitated for a moment and then, looking rather embarrassed, replied, "Well, I'd like to return as a stud." "Are you sure?" asked St. Peter? "Yes, sir, I am," Mike said. "Then it is done," stated St. Peter, and Father Mike spent the winter in Winnipeg in a snow tire.

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