After weeding out the failures, the training class for the CIA consisted of three men. The training was very difficult and required a great deal of knowledge and skill. It also required the agents to learn to accept difficult tasks.

The three trainees were then asked to go into a small room with an instructor. The instructor showed the first trainee into a room with a two way mirror. There was the wife of the trainee. The instructor gave the trainee a gun told the trainee to go into the room and shoot his wife. After about 15 minutes the trainee came out and told the instructor he could not do it.

"Sorry, you fail you are out", the instructor told the trainee.

The next trainee was then taken into the room with the two way mirror, shown his wife, given a gun and told to kill his wife. After a short while the trainee came out and said it was impossible he just would not do it.

"You fail, said the instructor get out".

The third trainee was then shown into the room, shown his wife of 15 years, given a gun, told to shoot his wife. After about four minutes there were two shots and some terrible sounds coming out of the room. The trainee comes out of the room, glares at the instructor and says,

"Nice going jerk, the gun had blanks I had to choke her."

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