A Texas oilman went to a trade show in California on the latest in communications technology, and while he was there a salesman invited him to a special presentation on a real breakthrough...a cell phone that allows you to talk to spirits in the afterlife. The Texan doesn't believe him, but asks if they can dial up John D. Rockefeller. And, sure enough, there he is on the line. The Texan gets some really good advice on how to handle the latest collapse in oil prices, and he's really happy. He tells the salesman to send him a bill, he doesn't care how much it costs.

After the Texan gets back home to Houston, he tells his partners about this great new phone, and they don't believe him any more than he believed the salesman. So...he gives the salesman a call and asks if he can bring the phone to Houston to demonstrate it. Sure enough, it all gets arranged and two weeks later the Texan and all his partners have a great time talking to Rockefeller.

Then the bill comes, and the Texas oil man is shocked that the total is over two million dollars. But what really puzzles him is that the first phone call he made was $1,999,990 and the second one was only $10. So he calls the salesman and asks if they made a mistake. The salesman says, "No. You see, John D. Rockefeller is in Hell, and when you you call from Houston, that's in your local calling area."

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