Once upon a time there was a handsome "tater" named Baked Potato, and he met and fell in love with a beautiful "tater" named Sweet Potato. They got married and had a wonderful life. They had a daughter they named Little Potato. They all had a wonderful life, were a rich, high class family with no troubles in the world.

When Little Potato was old enough to date. She would bring her dates home to meet her parents, and everyone got along fine. Then one night she brought her date home to meet her parents, and it turned out to be Tom Brokaw. They kept dating and it was getting pretty serious, and Baked Potato and Sweet Potato were getting very worried.

Finally they decided they had to speak to their daughter, it was just getting out of hand.

Baked Potato and Sweet Potato approached Little Potato and told her she couldn't keep dating Tom Brokaw. Little Potato was heart broken! She cried out to her parents "What's so wrong with dating Tom Brokaw?!"

Baked Potato answered, "My dear, he is nothing but a common-tater."

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