A couple, on their way to their wedding, are hit by a truck and die immediately. Upon arriving in heaven, they implore St. Peter to marry them. "We must be married here, we were just about to get married on earth," they cry. You'll have to wait is St. Peter's only reply.

This request continues for ten years, but St. Peter always tells them they have to wait. Finally St. Peter calls them and a priest arrives to perform the heavenly marriage. The couple is thrilled and relieved.

A year later the couple recognizes that the union is flawed and the go to St. Peter and ask for a divorce. "Again, you'll have to wait." said St. Peter. The couple is adamant, "our marriage is over St. Peter, please, give us a divorce."

Finally St. Peter blows his stack and shouts, "look, it took me ten years to find a priest in heaven, how long do you think it will take for me to find a lawyer?"

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