A man who was nearly wiped out in the Black Monday stock-market crash called E.F. Hutton the next day, and asked, "May I speak to Mr. Spenser, my broker, please?"

The operator replied, "I'm sorry. Mr Spenser is deceased. Can anyone else help you?"

The man said no and hung up.

Ten minutes later he called again and asked for Mr. Spenser, his broker.

The operator said, "You just called a few minutes ago, didn't you? Mr. Spenser has died. I'm not making this up."

The man again hung up.

Fifteen minutes later he called a third time and asked for Mr. Spenser.

The operator was irked by this time. "I've told you twice already, the guy's dead! He is not here! Why do you keep asking for him when I say he's dead?"

The man replied, "I just like hearing it."

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