A man stood on the pavement in front of what used to be his house. Just as the IRS towed away is brand new car and drove away with all his belongings, a van pulled up.

Out jumps a camera crew and a guy in a three piece suit.

"Congratulations! You have just won ten million dollars in our sweepstakes! How do you feel?" says the man in the suit.

The man who just lost everything he owned to the IRS turns pale and pulls out a gun. He starts randomly shooting at the announcer and the camera crew. Fortunately, he runs out of bullets before anyone is killed.

At the trial the man's lawyer explained that the man had acted in self-defense.

"Your Honour, my client has just lost his home and car and belongings to the IRS. His wife left him and took the kids. He has lost his job because of all the time he spent at the audits. All of this happened because he had inherited $30,000.

My client couldn't imagine what the IRS would do against him for winning $10,000,000 but he knew it had to be worse."

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