This big rough looking cowboy walks into the bar. He orders up bottle after bottle of rot-gut liquor and proceeds to get really smashed.

In the process, he manages to anger just about everyone in the bar by being offensive and rude.

Finally, he finishes up his 5th bottle and decides he's had just about enough. He proceeds to get up and swagger out of the bar. He gets outside to untie his horse from the post and he notices someone has painted his horse a real bright shade of yellow. This makes him angry so he proceeds to stagger back into the bar, slamming the doors open and yelling out at the top of his lungs.

"Just who in blazes painted my horse yellow!"

After everyone in the bar rustles around a bit, a guy in the back of the bar stands up. This guy is huge, at least 6'10'' tall, pure muscle.

He says to the cowboy, "I did and what of it!"

The cowboy looks back at this huge guy and says, "Oh, I was going to let you know the first coat of paint is dry."

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