The story is told of the man caught by rising floodwaters. As he looks out the second story window of his house, a man in a rowboat spies him and calls out, "Hey! get in and I'll save you!"

The man replies, "Thank you, but no, I'm waiting for the Lord."

The waters continue to rise and now the man has scrambled out onto his roof, where he is seen by a man going past in a speedboat. This man roars up to the house and yells "Hey! get in and I'll save you!"

The man on the roof replies, "Thanks, no, but I'm waiting for the Lord. He will save me."

Now the waters have risen so far the man is perched on his chimney top. Miraculously, a passing helicopter spots him and the pilot shouts down, "Climb up this rope ladder and we'll save you!"

"No, thanks," replies the man on the roof; "I'm waiting for the Lord Who has promised to save me."

The waters continue to rise, and the man drowns.

Now he gets to heaven (having been a good and righteous soul), and when he gets there he has a complaint to make. He says to the Lord, "Lord, I trusted You. I waited for You, and You never came. I'm very disappointed."

The Lord replies, "What did you expect? I sent two boats and a helicopter!"

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