Reverend Scott had recently taken up golf at the urging of Ralph, a member of his congregation. One Saturday morning, Ralph called to say he was feeling ill and couldn't make their regular game.

"But you can still play," Ralph said, "all you have to do is go over to the clubhouse. They'll be glad to pair you up with someone."The minister explained the situation at the clubhouse, and was told to wait out front. A couple of minutes later, a young man came out and introduced himself. "Reverend Scott? I'm Joe. I hear you need a partner this morning. I guess I'm it."

"Well Joe," said Reverend Scott, "I've only recently taken up the game. I hope I don't slow you down too much."

"Not a problem," Joe replied. "As a matter of fact, I'm the professional here at the Club. If you have any questions today, let me know." The two men played a full 18 holes, and Reverend Scott found Joe to be most gracious and helpful. As they were coming back into the club, Joe said "I really enjoyed playing with you today Reverend Scott. By the way, I'll need 50 dollars please."

Reverend Scott was surprised. "50 dollars? What for?"

"Well, if you'll recall, when we headed out this morning, I told you I was the Club pro. Several times today you asked me for help and advice. Since golf is how I make my living, I think I should be paid for my services today."

Reverend Scott rummaged through his pockets, then said "I'm sorry Joe. I don't seem to have that sort of cash with me right now. But if you'll come by the church tomorrow morning, I'll pay you what I owe."

Joe agreed, and said he'd come by the next morning. As he was walking away, Reverend Scott called after him. "Oh Joe? When you come by tomorrow, could you to bring your parents with you?"

Joe was puzzled. "I guess so. Why?"

"So I can marry them."

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