Premier Harris was visiting a grade school the other day and sat in on an English class. He asked for someone to give him an example of a tragedy.

A little girl named Peggy held up her hand timidly and said, "If my friend was walking across the street and a car ran over her... well, that would be a tragedy!"

"Well, thank you for trying," Harris said. "That would be what we would call an accident, but not a tragedy."

"Can anybody else give me an example?"

A little boy named Timmy said, "If the school bus was full of kids and a truck hit it and killed all the kids that would be a tragedy."

"Well, that would be what we call a great loss, but it doesn't quite make the tragic category," Harris replied.

About this time little Johnny held up his hand.

"Oh. Oh. I know, I know..." Johnny started. "If you and all the Cabinet were having a meeting, and a bomb blew everybody up that would be a tragedy.

"That's right!" the Premier exclaimed. How did you figure that out?"

"Well," said Johnny, "It wouldn't be an accident and it damned sure wouldn't be a great loss!"

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