A rather posh lady is showing her small daughter around Rome in the back of a taxi. They pass a railway station and the daughter asks: "Mummy, what are all those ladies doing standing around in very short dresses?"

The mother realises that she is referring to the prostitute day shift, but deftly dodges, saying -- "I expect they are waiting for their friends, or looking at the Roman architecture, dear."

But the taxi driver flips back the partition and butts in: "Go on! Tell her they're prostitutes!"

"Mummy what are 'prostitutes'?" With an exasperated sigh, Mother tells all.

The little girl is very interested: "But Mummy, don't they sometimes have babies?"

"Well, yes dear, I'm afraid they do."

"But Mummy, what happens to the babies?"

"Well, dear, that's the interesting thing about it: invariably they become taxi drivers.

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