My friends father was a police officer and had been serving O.C. for about 20 years. In all of his 20 years he had never pulled someone over without giving them a ticket. Today was to be no different.

The officer sat in his usual spot, waiting for the next person to speed by. Just as expected, an old 60's Dodge came flying towards him. Ready to give his first ticket of the morning, the officer approached the driver.

Much to his surprise, the violator was an old lady, who had to be near 80. Her hands gripped the steering wheel at "10 and 2" and her face barely reached over the top of the dash.

"Mornin' Ma'am"

"Mornin' Officer"

"Ma'am, do you realize you were speeding?"

"Yes, I do! And let me tell you something Sonny! I'M OLD, and if I don't drive fast to where I am going, I might not make it!"

With that, he let he go without a ticket.

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