A guy with a bad cough goes into a drug store and asks for the pharmacist. A young clerk tells him that the pharmacist has gone to lunch. The man asks the clerk if he can recommend anything for his cough.

The clerk gives him a bottle of medicine. The guy takes a big shot. Receiving no relief after a couple of minutes, he swigs down half the bottle.

In a short while, the druggist returns and sees the guy fidgeting around in a booth near the soda fountain, looking very apprehensive. He asks the clerk, "What's the matter with that guy?"

The clerk says, "He had a nagging cough. I gave him some medicine for it."

"Oh yeah, what'd you give him."

The clerk tells him.

"What!" the druggist exclaims. "That medicine is a strong laxative!"

"Yeah, works pretty good, too. Cured the guy. He's been to the john twice already. Now he's afraid to cough."

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