A Panda sauntered into an old West saloon, sat down and told the bartender, "Give me a sandwich and a beer." The bartender had met a lot of strange characters and knew it was important to keep his cool. Without a word, he slapped a ham sandwich and a cold frosty one in front of the bear. The Panda, having been on the trail for some time, gulped down the sandwich and washed it down with the beer. Then he pulled out his six-shooter and plugged the piano player right between the eyes.

The Panda holstered his gun and began to leave. The bartender pulled his shotgun out from under the bar and yelled, "What's the big idea?"

The bear slowly turned and said, "Well ... what did you expect?"

"I sure didn't expect you to shoot my piano player!" the bartender yelled. "Good help is hard to find, and besides ... you still owe me for lunch."

"I'm a Panda," replied the bear, "Look it up." And with that, he left.

The bartender was too amazed to do anything. He put his shotgun on the bar, reached down, pulled out his dictionary and turned to the entry for "Panda."

"Damn," he muttered and realized there was nothing he could do. There it was in black and white, written by an authority no less than Noah Webster himself:

"Panda n. A large bear-like animal of the mountains of China and Tibet, with distinctive white and black markings -- eats shoots and leaves."

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