At 3 am, when all was quiet, the old lady showed up at the police station to make a complaint.

"Officer, there is a man in the building opposite mine exposing himself to me."said the old lady.

"Now, mam, calm down, I will go down to your place to check!" said the sergeant on graveyard shift.

When the two reached the old lady's residence, she pointed to a window at a flat on the opposite block. The sergeant could see a man at the window, standing up, expressionless, looking out of his window. From here, the sergeant could see that he did not have a shirt on. "Well, mam, that fellow did not have his shirt on, but that doesn't mean he is naked and exposing himself to you, the sergeant tried explaining to the old lady."

"Windowsill! Stand on the windowsill!" she exclaimed.

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