A young nun is in a monastery and is plagued with thoughts of men. She decides that she can no longer life with these thoughts and goes to the Mother Superior. She says, "Oh, Mother, I am being stricken by, ah, impure thoughts about men."

The mother just smiles and says, "It happens to all the young ones, sister. To relieve yourself of this, every time you have an unclean thought go to a mirror, make your hand into a gun and shoot your reflection." The young nun is a little sceptical of this but thanks the Mother Superior and leaves. Down the hall a little bit she begins to have an unclean thought. She promptly runs to a mirror and makes her hand into a gun, points it at the reflection, and goes "BANG!"

The unclean thought vanishes immediately. This makes the young nun happy and she goes about her routine again. She has an unclean thought ever once in a while but she promptly gets rid of it.

One day the young nun rises from bed and gets ready for breakfast when she is plagued by one of those thoughts so she points at her reflection and goes "BANG" and it goes away. She finishes getting ready and it comes back. She goes to the mirror and goes "BANG" and it goes away. She leaves for breakfast and it comes back so she runs to the hall mirror and goes "BANG" but it comes right back. She goes "BANG" again and it comes back. She goes "BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG" but it is no use the thought keeps coming back. Panic stricken she runs to the Mother Superiors room throws the door open only to find the Mother Superior in front of her mirror going "Rat tat tat tat tat tat!"

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