This guy appears before a Judge and pleads "not guilty" to being in the company of a fourteen year old girl in his hotel room.

The plea goes as follows:

I was playing a round of golf. I am about 150 yards from the 16th green. I take out my 7 iron and line up for my shot.

"Ribet - 6 iron".

Seeing no one around, I start to line up my shot again.

"Ribet - 6 iron", I look down and see this frog talking to me.

"What the heck", I take out my 6 iron and knock the ball 8 inches from the cup. "Wow", I say, and pick up the frog and carried it to the next hole.

The 17th is a 190 yard par 3. I get out my 3 iron.

"Ribet - 3 wood", says the frog. So I take out the 3 wood and make a hole in one.

"This frog is incredibly good luck".

"Frog", "We're going to Vegas!".

So, sure enough, with the frog telling me to bet black or red, hit or stand, etc., I win $100,000. I take the frog up to my hotel room, put it down on the couch, "Frog, you have brought me great luck. I will do anything for you".

"Ribet - kiss me", says the frog.

"What the heck", "This is my lucky frog".

So, I kiss it, and it turns into the most beautiful 14 year old girl you have ever seen!

And honestly, Judge! That's how she got in my hotel room!

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