A young new preacher was preparing his first sermon to be delivered to his new congregation in a small rural town. Since he was new and he really wanted to impress his "flock" with the oratory and spiritual prowess he had learned at divinity school, he took extra care to prepare his Sunday message.

Unfortunately on Sunday morning, when he awoke to prepare for his big day, he discovered that it had snowed the night before and the snow was three feet deep. But he reasoned that the people in this town were a hardy sort and would turn out for church, as usual.

When he arrived at the church, he was somewhat disappointed to find that only one person had shown up. He again reasoned that since this man had come to church in such bad weather conditions, the man must have been in need of a spiritual uplifting, so he decided to proceed with the full service.

The man in the pew sat and listened attentively to the sermon, which lasted for about an hour and a half.

After the service, the preacher, proud that he had certainly "wowed" his listener, asked the man what he thought of the sermon. The man replied, "Well, preacher, the sermon was good but, I'm a farmer and, in weather like this, if I had taken a wagonload of hay out to the field to feed my cows and only one cow showed up, I certainly wouldn't have fed that cow the whole damn load!"

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