Mike and Mary were having marital problems and were near divorce. They went to see a marriage counsellor and agreed to listen to his suggestions. The counsellor told them they needed to start doing more things together. Learn to do what the other one likes to do. They agreed.

Soon, Mary asked Mike to teach her how to shoot.

He asked her why?

She said, "So I can go hunting with you"!

Mike says, "Well, I hunt so I can be alone, but we can give it a try".

After teaching Mary some of the basics, they go on their first hunting trip together. Mike puts Mary into her tree stand and says, "Stay here and watch, I'm going this way and hopefully I can run something toward you."

Mike is still walking in the woods when he hears ... BANG ...... BANG ....... BANG .... He thinks, "Has she really shot a deer"? He hurries back towards Mary. As he rounds the last bend, he hears voices and sees a man standing in front of Mary, waving his arms in the air. Mike stops so he can hear the conversation.

The man is frantic and telling Mary...."Ok, Ok, it's your deer then! ... Just let me get my saddle off of it please"!!!

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