ANALLY: -------------- Occurring yearly.

ARTERY: -------------- Study of paintings.

BACTERIA: ------------ Back door to cafeteria.

BARIUM: -------------- What you do when CPR fails

BOWEL: ----------------Letters like A, E, I, O, U.

CAESARIAN SECTION: --- A district in Rome.

CATARRH: ------------- Stringed instrument.

CAT SCAN: ------------ Searching for kitty.

CAUTERIZE: ----------- Make eye contact with her.

COLIC: --------------- A sheep dog.

COMA: ---------------- A punctuation mark.

CONGENITAL: ---------- Friendly.

D and C: --------------- Where Washington is.

DIARRHOEA: ----------- Journal of daily events.

DILATE: -------------- To live long.

ENEMA: --------------- Not a friend.

FESTER: -------------- Quicker.

FIBULA: -------------- Small lie.

GENITAL: ------------- Non-Jewish.

GI SERIES: ----------- Soldiers' ball game.

GRIPPE: -------------- Suitcase.

HANGNAIL: ------------ Coat hook.

HIGH COLONIC: -------- Jewish religious holiday.

IMPOTENT: ------------ Distinguished; well known.

LABOR PAIN: ---------- Getting hurt at work.

MAMMOGRAM: ----------- A telegram to your Mama.

MEDICAL STAFF: ------- Doctor's cane.

MINOR OPERATION: ----- Coal digging.

MORBID: -------------- Higher offer.

NITRATE: ------------- Cheaper than day rate.

NODE: ---------------- Was aware of.

ORGANIC: ------------- Musical.

OUT-PATIENT: --------- Person who has fainted.

PAP SMEAR: ----------- Fatherhood test.

PELVIS: -------------- Cousin of Elvis.

PLACENTA: ------------ Christmas flower.

POST OPERATIVE: ------ Letter carrier.

PROSTATE: ------------ Flat on your back.

PROTEIN: ------------- Favouring young people.

RECOVERING ROOM: ----- Place to do upholstery.

RECTUM: -------------- Nearly killed'em.

RHEUMATIC: ----------- Amorous.

SCAR: ---------------- Rolled tobacco leaf.

SECRETION: ----------- Hiding anything.

SEIZURE: ------------- Roman Emperor.

SEROLOGY: ------------ Study of English Knighthood.

TABLET: -------------- A small table.

TERMINAL ILLNESS: ---- Sickness at the airport.

TIBIA: --------------- Country in North Africa.

TUMOR: --------------- An extra pair.

ULTRASOUND: ---------- A loud noise.

URINE: --------------- Opposite of you're out.

VARICOSE: ------------ Located nearby.

VEIN: ---------------- Conceited.

WEAK: ---------------- Seven days.

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