A man sat at a bar is becoming increasingly drunk. He announces to the barman that he can pee into a beer glass right at the other end of the bar without spilling a drop.

"You're crazy" said the barman, "you tell me you can pee into that beer glass over there and you're standing here and not spill a drop?"

"Sure thing" said the drunk "I'll bet you $300".

The barman is laughing, thinks it's his lucky day and agrees, patiently waiting for his three hundred.

The drunk stands up, takes out his penis and starts to pee. It goes up over the bar down the sides over the pumps and even on the barman himself. He pees everywhere EXCEPT in the beer glass.

The barman laughs, "I knew you couldn't do that!" he says, with pee dribbling down his face, "come on pay up, $300".

The man pauses for a second, then walks over to where some guys were playing pool and watching. He talks to them for a while then comes back.

"There you go" he said, "there's your $300".

"Thanks very much" said the barman" just one thing though, why did you go over to those men?"

"Simple" he said "I betted them $500 that I could pee all over the bar and all over you and not only would you not be mad, you be laughing about it!".

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