An airplane full of Pepsi was flying over an African country. It suddenly developed engine trouble, and crashed in the dense jungle.

A few weeks later, the Pepsi Cola company sent a rescue plane out to look for the plane. They found the wreckage, but were unable to spot any of the crew. They searched the area and found a tribe of primitive cannibals.

They walked up to the Chief and asked him if he knew anything about the missing plane.

The Chief grunted, "Yeah."

When asked where the crew was, the Chief replied, "We ate the crew, and we drank the Pepsi."

The rescue crew was visible shocked.

One of the crew asked, "Did you eat their legs?"

The Chief replied, "We ate their legs, and we drank the Pepsi."

Another member of the crew asked, "Did you eat their arms?"

The Chief said, "We ate their arms, and we drank the Pepsi."

After a minute or so a third crew member asked, "Did their...things??"

The Chief says, "No."

"No?" shouted the rescuers.

"No," stated the Chief.

"THINGS go better with Coke."

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