A man and a woman have been married for thirty years, and all the time the wife has kept a locked chest at the foot of the bed. The husband has never looked in it. Finally the husband says, “Honey, in all these thirty years that we’ve been married, I’ve never asked you what’s in the chest. So tell me-—what is it?”

His wife says, “Well, we’ve been married for thirty years. Here’s the key; look for yourself.”

So the husband opens the chest and sees three ears of corn and a whole lot of cash inside. The husband asks, “Honey, what are the three ears of corn for?”

The wife says, “Well, every time I had an indiscretion I put an ear of corn in the chest.”

“Well that’s not so bad,” says the husband. “Thirty years and only three indiscretions. But what’s all the money for?”

And the wife says, “Well, every time I filled the chest with corn, I took it out and sold it!”

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