The day comes when the Pope dies. He goes up to heaven where he is greeted by St. Peter.

St. Peter says, "Oh your Holiness, you are already pre-admitted, please go right in. Is there anything we can provide for you?"

The Pope responds, "Yes there is. I would like to view the transcripts of what transpired between God and man. I would like to see what was actually said."

St. Peter says, "Of are our libraries. Feel free to look at anything you desire."

Two weeks go by and suddenly a heart wrenching wail is heard. The Angels fly to the library to see what is the matter. There at a table sits the Pope, with his head buried in his hands. He's muttering over and over

"There's an 'R'....oh...there's an 'R'.."

The Angels hover around the Pope.

The Pope looks up and says, "It's Celibrate..NOT Celibate!!!"

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