Instead of studying for the last exam of their college careers, four seniors spent the night partying in the house they had rented off campus.

The next morning they waited until the test would be almost finished, and then they made their way to class. Along the way they all put grease on their hands to support the story they were going to tell their professor.

The class was almost done with the exam when all four seniors burst into class. They told the professor that they had a flat tire along the way and could they please retake the test? The professor said that he was a reasonable man, so he scheduled a test date for the following week. Their plan had worked! They studied diligently for the next week, making the most of their time.

The day of the make-up came, and they were ready for anything. Each was placed ALONE in a separate classroom for the test. The first question, worth five points, was easy.

The second was worth 95 points. It simply read, "Which tire?"

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