As we know, Larry, Moe and Curly were good friends. They were all out one fine summer day for a jaunt in a pick-up truck.

Larry and Moe were in the front of the truck and Curly was in the back of the truck (for those who aren't too familiar with the anatomy of a pick-up truck, the cab isn't big enough for three people). The guys were travelling over a bridge when they got into a horrible accident, and the truck ran off the side into the deep water lake!! Larry and Moe escaped the truck via the open windows, and swam safely to shore. Fifteen minutes had passed by and there was no sign of Curly. Half an hour, Forty-five minutes, and eventually an hour had passed by with no sign of poor Curly. Finally, after Larry and Moe figured Curly had become fish bait, there comes Curly swimming to shore!! When he reached the shore and climbed out of the water, Moe asked Curly what had happened.

He replied, "I couldn't get the tailgate open!!!"

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