A farmer was plowing his field when his helpful but somewhat inept son comes to him.

"Dad, I would like to plow some."

"Well, I don't know son. It takes a steady hand, OK, here take this and I'll watch you a while."

"Waite a minute son, your row is crooked as it can be."

"But I was watching the plow to make sure that I wouldn't."

"That's the problem, don't look at the plow, you have to watch where you are going. Look at the other end of the field, pick out one object and head straight for it and you will cut a straight row every time. I'm going to get a drink of water, can you handle it now?"

"Sure dad."

When he came back out he saw that his son had cut the worst row he had ever seen. It went all over the field in curves and circles. The farmer ran up to his son and stopped him.

"Son! What happened? I've never seen a worse looking field in my life. There is not one straight line."

"But, I did what you said, I fixed my sights on that dog playing on the other end of the field."

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