At an auction a man walks by a table and see the Italian selling many things plus a beautiful horse.

The buyer asks, "Hey do you want to sell me your horse?"

The Italian says, "I woulda sella youa it butta it noa looka so good.

The other answers, "Sure, he looks fine to me. How much do you want for it?"

I tella youa he noa looka so good.

I'll give you $500.

I canna not sella it toa youa. He noa looka so good.

The man raises his offer to $1,000.

Finally the Italian says, "O.K."

The buyer gets on the horse gallops off and the horse hits a tree.

The buyer angrily tells the other, "You S.O.B. you sold me a blind horse.

The Italian answers, "I tella youa he noa looka so good!!!

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