A man walks into the local diner and declares, "I'm Joe Green. I know everybody and everybody knows me."

One day a regular customer got tired of his bragging, and being fairly wealthy put him to the test. He says, "I bet you don't know Burt Reynolds." So they fly to Burt's house. When they knock on the door, Burt answers and says, "Joe Green! Good to see 'ya! Come on in!"

The next day at the diner, Green walks in and again says, "I'm Joe Green. I know everybody and everybody knows me." The man says, "So you know Burt Reynolds. But I bet you don't know the President!" So they fly to Washington, D.C. They are escorted to the front door and they meet Bill Clinton. "Joe Green, you ol' rascal! Where have you been? Come on in and have lunch with Hillary and me."

Again the next day at the diner Green walks in and says the same thing again. This time the man is sure he has him. "So you know the president. I bet you don't know the Pope!" So they fly to Rome. The Pope is on his balcony talking to a crowd of people. Green walks to a side entrance and a guard leads him up onto the balcony. "Joe Green!", says the Pope, "So good to see you again!"

Joe Green looks down into the crowd to make sure the man is seeing all this. But the man is out cold! He gets to him just as he is coming too. "What happened?

Did you see me talking to the Pope?" "Yes," says the man, "but I lost it when the lady behind me said,
"Whose that man up there? The one talking to Joe Green."

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