While travelling through Arizona, the Jewish businessman, Mr. Goldstein stopped at an impoverished Indian reservation. There he saw a young Indian man and his father making trinkets for the tourists.

"Excuse me," Mr. Goldstein said to the old man, "but don't you think your boy would be better off if he got an education?'

"He would," the Indian agreed, "but I can't afford one."

"Don't worry," Mr. Gold stein said. "I have a factory in Brooklyn. He can work there and go to school at night."

The old man thought for a minute.

"Our culture is very important to us, but so is education. Thank you, sir. He will go with you."

Two years passed and finally the young Indian returned to the reservation. As he stepped from the bus he was still wearing the traditional clothing of his tribe and still carried himself with the pride of a Native American.

"My son," the old Indian embraced him, "I'm glad to see the city did not change you."

"No, Father," the young man said. "Vonce and Indian, alvay an Indian."

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