A man is walking along the beach and spots a gold handle poking out of the sand. Digging it out, he discovers that it's an old beat-up lamp... and begins to brush it off. Then all of the sudden, this Genie appears in front of him.

"I am at your command master," bellowed the Genie. "Since you have freed me from my imprisonment of 10,000 years, I can grant you 3 wishes. However, there is a catch...whatever you wish for, your wife will get double."

The man looks up at the Genie, "Double !?!...I thought you were a Genie...help me out here !!"

"Those are the rules," the Genie said.

"All right...I wish for...a huge mansion." Suddenly the man finds himself inside a huge mansion, but across the way he sees an even larger mansion with his wife jumping for joy in the front yard.

"Hmmm....I wish for...ten million dollars." Before he could even finish his request, there is a knock on the door. The man runs over to the door, open it, and is greeted by an armored truck filled to the brim with cash. But before he could even begin to enjoy his newly found wealth, the sound of an enormous helicopter transporting a huge safe containing twenty million dollars disrupts the mood, and lands in his wife's front yard.

"You have one wish left," informed the Genie.

"OK...beat me half to death."

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