1. The astronauts float around in the cabin of the space ship due to a state of witlessness.

  2. In 1588 Spain sent an armadillo to defeat England.

  3. Magella circumcised the world three times.

  4. The garage near our has an expert maniac on duty 34 hours a day.

  5. The witness refused to talk on the grounds that what was said might incinerate him.

  6. Crusoe was once shipwracked on an island but eventually went on to become a great opera singer.

  7. In biology today we digested a whole frog.

  8. George Washington was one of our original floundering fathers.

  9. Caesar was victorious in the Garlic Wars.

  10. Bach had 37 children, he practised on his spinster up in the attic.

  11. McCormick invented the mechanical raper. It did the job of 17 men.

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