Seems as though a river boat was sailing down the Mississippi. It was a hot, steamy day, the only breeze was on deck and the captain called for more coal. A great party was going on with dancing and singing... a sweet 16 birthday party. The folks needed a cooling breeze to enjoy their partying.

Suddenly, a terrible storm came up! Thunder and lightening! Rain coming down in sheets! The ship was floundering and slowly sinking, filling with water. The merry makers all began to pray and cry, but to no avail! The ship filled with water. She was going down!!!

As a last resort the captain sent the first mate down below decks to fetch up the stoker, a former slave named John. John was a preacher and perhaps he could pray to save the ship, thought the captain. When John was brought up the captain told him, "John, I've always treated you well, provided you with a good job feeding the boilers, even allowed you a place to sleep. Now, I've allowed you the privilege to come up here with us because I am going to give you the opportunity to repay all my generosity to you! Now, get down on your old grimy, wrinkled knees and pray as you've never prayed before!"

With that, John fell to his knees and this is what he prayed: "Lord, when I was thirsty, I saw a sign at the water fountain that said, FOR WHITES ONLY! Lord, when I was hungry, I saw a sign at the restaurant that said, FOR WHITES ONLY! Lord, when my child had to use the bathroom at the service station, I saw a sign that said, FOR WHITES ONLY! Lord, when my wife was sick, I saw a sign at the hospital that said, FOR WHITES ONLY! Lord, if this boat is gonna sink, I pray, Please remember those signs and LET IT BE FOR WHITES ONLY!"

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