A man was driving down the road when all of a sudden he noticed a fluff of feathers zoom past his car like it was standing still. He looked at his speedometer and saw that he was doing 55. He sped up to 80.

At 80 he pulled up beside the fluff of feathers and realized that it was a chicken running down the middle of the road. The driver decided to follow the chicken and figure out how it could possibly run so fast. The chicken turned off into a driveway disappeared behind a farmhouse. The man pulled in right behind him.

A farmer came out of the house and asked the driver what he wanted. "Man!," said the driver, "some chicken just passed me on the highway. I was doing 55 at the time, but this son-of-a-gun just ran right by me. I can't understand it!"

"Oh, that must be one of them chickens that I'm raising for the fast food industry," said the farmer. "We breed 'em with three legs because people like drumsticks. They can run 90 miles an hour."

"Really," said the driver. "I never heard of any chicken that could run 90 miles an hour. How do they taste?"

"Dang if I know," said the farmer. "We've never been able to catch one"

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