A group of English gentlemen are sitting around the den of a London men's club, and it's a special gathering, because the oldest member, Colonel Rowlinson, is there.

One of the men says, "Colonel, why don't you tell us a tale from one of your exploits?"

Colonel Rowlinson says, "Well, there was a time years ago when we were trekking through the Kenyan jungle. The guides were quite tired, what with carrying all the bundles as they cleared a path through the dense underbrush. We came to a clearing, so we sat to have a spot of tea and regain our strength, when suddenly, out of the foliage, leaps a nine-foot tiger. RRROOAARRR! My God, I shit myself."

One of the gentlemen says, "Well, Colonel, that's perfectly understandable, what with a huge TIGER coming at you."

The Colonel says, "Not THEN, you blithering idiot. Just NOW when I went, RRROOAARRR!"

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