Miss Horn was grotesquely overweight, so her doctor finally prescribed a strict regimen, telling her it was the only way to avoid serious health problems, in the future.

"I want you to eat normally for two days, but then skip a day, drinking only water. Repeat this three times, and by the time I see you next Thursday you'll have lost at least six pounds." The patient promised to obey, and indeed when she showed up for the appointment she was almost fifteen pounds lighter.

"Excellent progress, Miss Horn," enthused the doctor, quite amazed.

"And you lost all this weight simply by following my instruction?"

Miss Horn nodded, "It wasn't easy, though, Doctor," she admitted.

"On the third day, I felt like I was about to die."

"From hunger, eh?", The doctor clucked sympathetically.

"No, no," she explained, "from skipping."

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