Max and Abe had become newly rich partners for ten years. They decided to celebrate their anniversary in business, with a deluxe dinner at The Waldorf. It was glorious.

Near the end of the meal, the waiter served fingerbowls. Abe said, "Max, what is this in the little paper cup inside the silver dish?"

Max answered, "I don't know what it is, but everything else was good. This will be good, too. So eat it, and never mind what it is."

Abe replied, "Max, you know me, I can't eat it if I don't know what it is!" and he called out to the waiter. Max snapped, "Please, don't embarrass me by showing your ignorance. It'll be good, eat it."

Just then the waiter arrived, and Abe asked, "Waiter, what is this in the paper cup in the little silver bowl?"

The waiter answered, "That is a fingerbowl, sir. When you have finished your meal, you may dip your fingers in it to cleanse them, and wipe them on your napkin." And the waiter walked away.

As soon as he did, Max said, "You see? You ask a foolish question, you get a foolish answer!"

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