The trenches in the First World War and a load of troops are hemmed in by the Germans and they're awaiting orders via a carrier pigeon. They see the pigeon approaching with a message and then the pigeon falls from the sky.

The Captain then asks for a volunteer to go and get the message from the pigeon -- nobody steps froward except daft Paddy. He says, "I'll go for my country".

Anyway he crawls out of the trench and all you hear are bullets, mortars, bombs, etc. and everyone thinks Paddy is dead. Two hours later Paddy arrives back into the trench and everyone cheers for his safe return.

The Captain asks, "Did you get to the pigeon".

Paddy says, "Yes".

The Captain says, "Did it have a message?"

Paddy says, "Yes".

The Captain says, "What was the message?"

Paddy says, "Coo! Coo!".

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