A guy walks into a hardware store and asks to see a someone who knows about chainsaws. Very soon after a salesman walks over and asks how he can be of assistance. "Well", the guy says, "I just bought a wood furnace this year and I am planning on cutting my own wood. I need a chainsaw that will do the job." So the salesman sells the guy this chainsaw that he promises will cut all the wood he wants. "This machine will guarantee you 5 cords a day, no sweat." So the guy walks out happy as a lark.

The next day the salesman was working and the next thing he sees is the same guy coming again with the chainsaw in his arms.

"What's the matter?" the salesman asks.

"Needs another chainsaw," he said, "I was slaving all day and I only managed to get 1/4 of a cord cut with this stupid machine!"

The salesman inspected the machine but found nothing wrong with it. However, seeing that the man was upset he offered to trade with him a different chainsaw, that was guaranteed not to fail. this one was even more powerful. The guy went away happy.

The next evening, the salesman saw the man coming again with the same problem. He only manage to cut 1/4 of a cord of wood the whole day despite all his hard labour. Again the machine was inspected and found O.K. The salesman gave the guy the most expensive, powerful, biggest machine he had. He said, "Now this is the best we have, I personally guarantee your 5 cords of wood. So the guy set off on his way again.

The next evening the sales was sure he wouldn't see the man again, but lo and behold, there comes the guy with the chainsaw under his arms complaining that he only cut 1/4 cords of wood.

By this time the salesman was getting pretty ticked off and took the man and the chainsaw in the backroom. He wanted to test the chainsaw for himself to find out the problem. The salesman pulled on the cord and started up the chainsaw to which the man yelled out:

"What's that noise!!!"

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