Brian Mulroney is my shepherd, I shall soon want.
He leads me beside still factories and abandoned farms.
He restores my doubt about the Tories.

He anoints my wages with taxes, and inflation,
so my expences runneth over my income.
Surely poverty and hard living shall follow the Tories,
and I shall work on a rented farm,
and live in a rented house forever.

Five thousand years ago, Moses said,
"Pick up your shovel, mount your donkey,
and I will lead you to the Promised Land".

Five thousand years later Trudeau said,
"Lay down your shovel, sit on your butt,
light up a camel, this is the Promised Land".

This year Brian Mulroney will take your shovel,
sell your camel, kick your butt,
and tell you he gave away the Promised Land.

I am glad I am a Canadian.
I am glad I am free.
But I wish I was a dog.
And Brian was a tree.

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