Rule 1:
    The Boss is always right!

    Rule 2:
    In the impossible hypothesis that a subordinate may be right, RULE 1 becomes immediately operative.

    Rule 3:
    The boss does not sleep; he rests.

    Rule 4:
    The Boss is never late; he is delayed elsewhere.

    Rule 5:
    The Boss never leaves his work; his attention is required elsewhere.

    Rule 6:
    The Boss never reads the paper in his office; he studies.

    Rule 7:
    The Boss never takes liberties with his secretary; he educates her.

    Rule 8:
    The Boss is always chief, even in his bathing togs.

    Rule 9:
    Whomsoever may enter the boss's office with an idea of his own must leave the office with the boss's ideas.

    Rule 10:
    If, in your lamentable ignorance, you fail to grasp the truth, fear not; return to rule 1.

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