Kangaroo Illnesses by Marc Wallaby, M.D.

The Bog by Pete Maas

The Music Of Sammy Davis Jr. by Candy Mann

The Industrial Revolution by Otto Mattick

Season Tickets by Oprah Maven

Military Defeats by Major Disaster and General Mayhem

It's Unfair! by Y. Me

He's Contagious! by Lucas Measles

The Criminals Of Watergate by Hunt Mee

I Love Crowds by Morris Merrier

Turkish Minerals by Asa Miner

The Candy Store by Pepper Mintz

Animal Scents by Farrah Mones

Soak Your Ex-Husband by Ali Money

The National Science Foundation by Grant Money

I Wuz Robbed! by Alma Money

Social Insecurity by Wilma Moneylast

How to Cut Grass? by Lon Moore

Perverted Mushrooms by M. Morel

The Unknown Rodent by A. Nonny Mouse

Ambulance Driving by Otta Muhway

Flips and Tumbles by Jim Nastics

Bladder Problems by I.P. Nightly

I'm an Atheist by Noel NoheaveN

The Hitchhiker by Juan Aalift

The Big Wave by Sue Nami

The Scent Of A Man by Jim Nasium

French Cars by Myra Neault

Boy Scout's Handbook by Casey Needzit

East Coast Universities by Cora Nell

Exploring The Dutch Frontier by Will Der Ness

Back Row Of The Orchestra by Clara Nett

My Seventh Husband by Ivana Newhouse

Harvesting Wild Plants by Dudley Nightshade

Candle-Vaulting by Jack B. Nimble

I'm Someone Else by Ima Nonymous

Punk Rock Rulez! by Lotta Noyze

A Great Plenty by E. Nuff

At The Bottom Of The Can by Hazel Nutt

Military Fast by Colonel O'Corn

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