I Love You! by Alma Hart

Battle Axes by Tom A. Hawk

Repent At Leisure by Marion Hayste

Kindergarten Kop II by Bea Hayve

Acrophobia Explained by Alfredo Heights

I Hate Fighting by Boris Hell

The Squeaking Gate by Rusty Hinges

Woulda Been A Great Shortstop by Kant Hitt

Pull with All You've Got! by Eve Ho

Cab Calloway's Garden by Heidi Ho

The Garden State by Ida Hoe

How I Won The Marathon by Randy Hoelway

House Construction by Bill Jerome Holme

Laid Off! by Gwen Home

Poetry in Baseball by Homer

Shoes For Farm And Ranch by Claude Hopper

Equine Leg Cramps by Charlie Horse

How to Cook a Steak? by Porter House

How To Tune Up Your Auto by Carl Humer

Split Personalities by Jacqueline Hyde

Preparing Leather by Tanya Hyde

Cloning by Irma Dubble II

Unsolved Mysteries by N. Igma

It's All In Your Head by Madge Ination

Wind In The Maple Trees by Russell Ingleaves

Neat Shirts by Preston Iron

The Last Roundup by Brandon Irons

Mardi Gras Time by Lou Isiana

The Shrinking Society by Les Ismoor

How to Pray? by Ned Itation

Jewish Mysticism by Lev Itation

Mosquito Bites by Ivan Itch

Don't Do Anything Rash by Jacques Itch

Inflammation, Please! by Arthur Itis

Hunger In America by Heywood Jafeedme

You're Kidding! by Shirley U. Jest

Unemployed by Inida Job

Covered Walkways by R. Kade

Some Like it Sweet by Sugar Kane

Oh What A Relief It Is by Al Kaseltzer

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