Smart Beer Making by Bud Wiser

Genie in a Bottle by Grant Wishes

Take This Job And Shove It by I. Quitt

Fifty Yards to the Outhouse by Willy Makit and Betty Woant

Lewis Carroll by Alison Wonderland

Tinseltown Tales by Holly Wood

Ready...Set... by Sadie Word

Masterpieces Of Fox TV by Annette Work

Raising Flowers By Hand by Flo Wrist

Rich People by Belle Yenere

Skunks in the Shrubbery by P. Yew

I'm Fine by Howard Yu

The Dead Of Winter by Jan Uary

Mensa Man by Gene Yuss

The Great Flood by Noah Zark

Tear Up Those Betting Slips by Lou Zerr

Hollywood Gossip by Phyllis Zinn

Mexican Revenge by Monty Zuma

I Leapted Over The Wall by Willi Makit

The Gangsters by Robin Steele

My Life In Crime by Upton O. Goode

Bad Money by Count R. Fitz

You Always Get Caught by Sue Nora Later

Band Playing by Clara Nett

Jazz Music by Tenna Saxe

Cuddly Toys by Ted E. Bare

The Stars Tell It All by Horace Scoop

Sculpting The Gods Of Greece and Rome by Jove

Waterways Of The World by Sue S. Canal

A Fish Story by Czar Dean

Caught In The Flood by Noah Zark

Little Fishes by Anne Chovey

How To Make A Tourniquet by Hank R. Schiff

Handling Your Emotions by Mel. N. Collie

Calm Down by Ed. G. Nerfs

Knocking Your Funny Bone by Lord Howard Hertz

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