The Bird Collection by Arnie Thologie

Animal Illnesses by Ann Thrax

Greek Unbeliever! by Hera Tick

Confessions Of A Gold Digger by Emile Ticket

Laughing In The White House by Polly Tickle

Almost Missed the Bus by Justin Time

I Can't See The Difference by Sam Ting

Blowout! by Vlad Tire

Misunderstood by Art Tistic

The Auto Salvage Business by Rex Toad

Two Thousand Pounds! by Juan Ton

Theft and Robbery by Andy Tover

Hypnotism by N. Tranced

Winning the Race by Vic Tree

It's a Shocker by Alec Tricity

Red Vegetables by B. Troot

My Life in the Gutter by Yves Trough

East Coast Resorts by Nan Tuckett

Children's Songbook by Skip Tumalu

Scuffed Floors by Mark Tupp

Sandpapers of the West by Tex Ture

How to Read a Book? by Paige Turner

Lotsa Luck by Bess Twishes

Parting Shots by Sid Semper Tyrannis

Gone With The Wind by George Uh

We Won 20-1! by Barry Um

I Love Mathematics by Adam Up

Gunslingers with Gas by Wyatt Urp

My Lost Causes by Noah Veil

Meat Eaters by Carney Vore

I Read You Like A Book by Claire Voyant

Carpet Fitting by Walter Wall

Not So Hot by Luke Warm

Swimming in the Arctic by I. C. Waters

In The Trenches by Helmut Wearer

Making Explosives by Stan Wellback

Music of the Sea by Lawrence Whelk

Golly Gosh! by G. Whiz

Okee Dokee by Roger Wilco

I Want to Help by Abel N. Willin

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